Abby & Cory – wedding

We have known Doug at Multi-Images for many years now and have come to depend on him for all of our family events. Doug has taken so many memorable pictures for our family. He took both of our daughters graduation pictures as well as our nieces and nephews.

Most recently we had Doug & JJ take Abby & Cory’s wedding pictures. Words can’t even express how beautiful the pictures are. Doug and JJ did such a remarkable job. They are absolutely TOP NOTCH…they were se easy to work with and they accommodated every single request we had. From the beginning when we first met to talk about the wedding and the details, they focused on so many things we may never have thought of. When they say we want to capture the day – they DID! Doug and JJ were so organized and it certainly helped with the chaos that goes on during the preparation. They are so creative and so many of the pictures they took – we didn’t even know they were there. We are so glad that we had them take the pictures. Since the wedding working with Shelley and the team to finish the wedding album has been so enjoyable. Thank you Multi-Images for capturing this day for us – we have the most beautiful pictures to enjoy over and over again.

Andrew and Kathy

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