Sarah & Chris – Wedding

Chris and I chose Multi-Images Photography to do our wedding photos and could not have been any happier with our decision and experience. All of the staff members at Multi-Images

are extremely accommodating, professional, and friendly. They listened to what we had in mind for our wedding day photos and truly captured everything we had asked for in each picture.

They did not miss a single shot on the wedding day, and I had no doubt in my mind that they were going to turn out wonderfully. Every time I look at our pictures, I am filled with

so much happiness–they turned out beautifully! I would definitely recommend Multi-Images to all my family and friends. They do a wonderful job!!

Thanks again!!


We are very happy that we chose Multi-Images Photography for our daughter’s wedding! From our first meeting with the staff a year before the wedding until they left the reception on the wedding night, they listened to what was important to Sarah and Chris and did all they could to help capture the wedding day the way they wanted. The pictures were amazing – from formal to candid pictures, from traditional to more creative pictures – everything Sarah and Chris had asked for! The photographers and staff were friendly, helpful, and professional! With the help of Multi-Images, we have perfect memories that will last a lifetime!

Thank you so much!
Mark & Kathy

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